I don’t want to ADULT

I’m currently on maternity leave with my second child. And am faced with the decision to either return to work or stay home. 

This is such a hard choice! I have really enjoyed my year off with my baby and my two year old. It’s an emotional and financial struggle.

If I go back to work and continue my carear, will I be seen as a bad parent? Will my children not love and care for me as much?”

It hard to talk to my family regarding this issue or it’s hard to get my feelings across, my mom was a stay at home mom as we lived on a farm, and both my sisters are stay at home moms. Yes sure I get the “wow that’s a tough one.” Or “I couldn’t make that choice.” Well I have to make a choice for both my family and our financials. 

We have learned that I can not afford to stay home with my beauties, I have to go back to a job. But what should I do work evenings so I can be home during the day or go back to my day job and an (R)ECE. Everyone is extremely miss lead to believe that (R)ECE’s make teacher wages, we certainly do not! 

The little things in life make the biggest impression! 

The decision has been made that I am return to my workplace and my children are going to child care… I am still not overly excited about this, but I am just trying to take it one day at a time! 

They give you a year to get to know this little person and fall in love then you are faced with a very difficult decision! 

Well I have just over 5 weeks left before my return, I am enjoying all the little things and going to take it one day at a time! 



Mamma Drama

Hello I’m new to this, but really wanted to give it a try!

I had my first child 2 years just about three years ago! Wow where did the time go, anyways once I got pregnant and we told our close friends and family they were all very excited! We were the first couple in our group of friends to have a baby. We liked to party and hang out with little responsibility That would change!

The pregnancy part was okay, since I was now the DD with in our cicrle of friends. They all seemed to enjoy talking about the baby that was on the way and what it would be like.

Baby comes! What an experience that is all in its own! We quickly found out that the people who always said they would be there to help support and visit soon became nil.

Our friends put up certain barriers and couldn’t understand why we couldn’t come partying at their place any more or why they had to be quiet at ours.

The realization that people could just stop talking to you or messaging you because you decided to create another life and were enjoying every step of the way was something very hard to understand, but above all it hurt!

Things only got better for us just about a year ago welcoming our second child!

This time it brought upon it more friendship complications as my husband was to be in a wedding around our due date. That was 5 hours away from our home and place of delivery for our baby! I’ve never had people check in with my so much as the couple that was getting married. They were hoping baby would arrive before their date. Well like a champ our baby arrived the Friday night and the wedding was on Saturday!

Ever since that wedding things have just not been the same with our friendship, we don’t talk or message like we use to or really talk at all.

I have learned through this experience that you need to life your life and not count on others because at the end of the day who knows if they are going to be there for you!

The path of life leads in many different directions and some paths can go no further…

We recently attended an event where the married couple was at after not seeing them for 8 months it was interesting to see how everyone has grown and changed.

The hurt is sometimes the hardest to over come.

Thanks for reading